10 Best States for Business 2012: Slideshow

Here's a look at the best states in which to do business in 2012 and what CEOs had to say about them.
No 1: Texas

No. 1

Texas is the Best State for Business 2012

Taxation and Regulations
Workforce Quality
Living Environment

Based on CEO Survey by ChiefExecutive.net

Development Trend Indicator—Neutral
Still a leading jobs magnet, but persistent drought pinches many businesses.
CEO Comments
“No personal income tax is a plus in Texas.”

“North Dakota and Texas clearly provide the best business climate due primarily to limited and sensible regulations and taxation.”

“Poor governorship in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, and others, results in negative international press attention, a contentious environment, hostile unions, ineffective work force training, and marginal support services.”

“Texas – what else needs to be said – great people, low tax, low regulation, great central location.”

“Texas continues to be a state where we will expand.”

“Texas continues to develop and grow businesses. The State attracts Top level talent across the income divisions. Laws and taxation are creating opportunities that benefit expansion and job growth.”

“Texas is extremely business friendly. Virginia is also excellent for business. Between the two they provide excellent options to relocate a business and grow the business.”

“The lack of government interference in Texas makes it an ideal state for business.”

“We are moving our headquarters from Oregon to Texas. We looked at all of the other surrounding states to Oregon and found that in order to get pro business environment, quality workforce and great living environment we needed to move into the southern US.”

“Weather, time zone, politics, airport, taxes all make Texas best.”

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