How Peer Networks Can Help CEOs Become Better Leaders

Joining the right peer network and being supported by a growing community can have numerous benefits for a CEO and his or her company.

GettyImages-200404719-001-compressorBeing a CEO, a business owner or a president means that everyone is depending on you for advice and decisions. However, when companies face major challenges, business leaders are often left with no one to consult with. But CEOs are not alone. The lack of an internal supporting network for business leaders has been supplemented by the growth of peer networks. These groups create a community of peers, all of whom are business leaders.

Joining the right peer group and being supported by a growing community can have numerous benefits for a CEO and his or her company. First, CEOs have the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with other CEOs that last long after the meeting has ended. By building these relationships, CEOs can consult on an ongoing basis with other CEOs of companies of similar size which have the same types of challenges and hard fought lessons to share.

According to the just released Guide to CEO Peer Networks, there are several peer groups available today, each with their own distinct business model for meeting different types of needs. Leading peer networks include YPO, The Chief Executive Network, Vistage, EO and G100. These groups create a network of support for business leaders locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  

These peer groups can be member facilitated or professionally facilitated. In addition, some organizations cater to specific companies sizes, such as the mid-market. Thus, each network has its own unique features to meet specific needs of different business leaders. To find the right one, leaders interested in joining a peer network must match the particular criteria of their own companies and needs with the features provided by the peer network groups.

For more information about different executive peer networks and how they can help you, click here.

Source: The Guide to CEO Peer Networks

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