Why Randall Stephenson?

Chief Executive's Selection Committee members offer commentary on why they chose Randall Stephenson.

Randall 6Chief Executive’s Selection Committee members offer commentary on why they chose Randall Stephenson.

“Randall is a visionary leader who has guided AT&T through several major technology shifts and has seized those disruptions to propel AT&T’s growth. He has led a tremendous transformation within the company as well, building a culture that encourages and supports innovation—a must-have in today’s business environment. But Randall’s impact goes well beyond his company and his industry. He sets the bar high for all of us, demonstrating what it takes to be a great leader and a great CEO.”
—Cathy Engelbert, CEO, Deloitte LLP

“Randall is a genuine leader who has delivered fine financial results while effectively repositioning and dramatically improving AT&T in a highly competitive, rapidly changing industry.”
—Dan Glaser, President and CEO, Marsh & McLennan

“Navigating through turbulent times requires a lot of courage and disciplined decision making, but it also means taking your people with you and focusing on execution. Randall has done all these extremely well. AT&T is now a new company under him.”
—Fred Hassan, Chairman, ZX Pharma and Partner/Managing Director, Healthcare, Warburg Pincus

“By engendering the trust of those he leads, Randall demonstrates the best qualities demanded of leaders today. By getting ahead of the technology, he has transformed and continues to transform the company and has become a disrupter. In addition, AT&T’s workforce role model and leader, not only in business but in public policy.”
—Tamara Lundgren, President and CEO, Schnitzer Steel Industries

“Randall Stephenson represents not just among the finest of American industry, but the kind of transformational leader in telecom that Alexander Graham Bell and Theodore Vail would have celebrated today for mastering technology, regulation, reach and customer service.”
—Jim McNerney, former Chairman and CEO, Boeing and 2015 Chief Executive of the Year

Randall 7“Randall has taken on a very complex industry, one that is totally customer oriented that demands a tremendous amount of customer satisfaction and response time, and infused it with innovative products and services that have changed the game.”
—Bob Nardelli, CEO, XLR-8

“Randall deserves high praise for masterminding a challenging reinvention of a great company over many years. And he managed this strategy while bringing along all the important stakeholders at AT&T.”
—Bill Nuti, Chairman and CEO, NCR

“Randall Stephenson, in many ways, embodies today and tomorrow’s leader with the character, credibility and authenticity demanded of these complex times, all the while delivering outstanding results and reshaping one of America’s most important companies.”
—Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, President and Chief Executive, The Chief Executive Leadership, Institute, Yale School of Management

“Randall continues to transform AT&T without negatively impacting any of AT&T’s stakeholders. Randall is successfully meeting or exceeding short-term expectations without sacrificing AT&T’s long-term plan. He is an advocate for the business community and has led from the front on many of the major issues confronting the business community in Washington, DC.”
—Tom Quinlan, President and CEO, RR Donnelley

“Randall is a terrific role model and leader, taking courageous and forward-looking stands in his industry, in business more broadly and in public policy.”
—Mark Weinberger, Chairman and CEO, EY

“Randall Stephenson, as CEO, has effectively led AT&T through several major transitions, resulting in international leadership in wireless, broadband and now video. He is a value-based, strategic leader who cares about his employees, customers and shareholders. Randall also gives back to the communities he serves and to our country in many ways—including his tenure as chairman of the Business Roundtable and his active service on the Boy Scouts of America’s board of directors. He is most deserving of this award!”
—Maggie Wilderotter, Executive Chairman, Frontier Communications


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