Leading In The Private Arena

Portfolio company CEOs must master every leadership hurdle their public company peers face—all at breakneck speed while under intense investor scrutiny. Gathered for Chief Executive’s two-day PE-Backed CEO Summit, PE leadership veterans and experts discussed tactics for addressing the unique tensions of the role. Some takeaways.

How Smoothie King’s Thomas Kim Helps Chain’s Transformation Across The Board

The CFO wrangles the costs of higher-quality products, tweaks industry metrics as fast-feeder seeks to keep doubling sales.

Sitting At The Center Of The Company’s Data Flow

Strategic CFOs are taking charge of data and analytics, culling insights that are passed on to others across the enterprise to improve decision-making.

5 Reasons High Inflation Makes Customer-Centricity More Important Than Ever

You may have some tough asks to make of your most important customers. How well they respond depends on how much trust you've earned.

How To Win A Price War

The key to this common but often destructive challenge? Turn the price war into a value war.

How To Lessen The Impact Of Supply Chain Challenges

In this Q&A, Maine Pointe CEO Jeff Staub explains how top executives can respond to the complexities of supply chain issues and best position their companies for the future.

It’s Time For A New Approach To Paid Time Off

PTO is a powerful tool in the war to attract and retain talent. But current PTO structures are inflexible, inefficient and increasingly obsolete.

Getting M&A Right, From Announcement Day To Post-Close Execution

Announcement Day is not the finish line—pre-close planning and post-close execution are how you achieve and sustain value creation over the longer term.

4 Things In The Toolbag For CEOs As They Strategize On Inflation

Pricing consultant suggests taking a long view with step changes, new pricing systems, adjustments to T&C and flexible surcharges.

Some Participants Don’t Want To Play Inflation Game

Food-company CEO tries to hold the line on retail pricing and find ways to help suppliers rein in costs.
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New Poll: CEOs Find Challenges In Using Customer Data To Drive Innovation

Ability to harness and sort through data for meaningful insights remains a hurdle, many say. “The key is...finding what is actually relevant.”


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