Personal Effectiveness

Six Ways Gov. Cuomo Aces His Daily Briefings—And What Leaders Can Learn From Him

It’s not just his Pacino drawl or stories from the “old neighborhood.” It’s because he’s mastered six critical techniques of effective public speaking.
Patrick Lencioni

Lencioni: Why Do You Want To Be A CEO?

At a pivotal time for leadership in America, bestselling author Patrick Lencioni asks an uncomfortable question: Why do you want to be a leader in the first place?

Talk, Talk, Talk And Then Talk Some More

How it can help you "reason" vs. "panic" through a crisis.

Patrick Lencioni: 3 Thoughts for Leaders In a Perilous Time

These unprecedented times call for you to stretch beyond your normal comfort zones and be even more vulnerable than usual.

What CEOs Can Learn From The Democratic Primaries

Those who have suffered personal hardships often have greater empathy and sincerity—and they are better poised to lead.

What CEOs Can Learn From Bloomberg’s Failed Bid

The billionaire mayor learned an expensive lesson: if you don't connect with your stakeholders, your message will fall on deaf ears.

Fred Hassan: A Case for Calm In The Covid-19 Storm

Business leaders must keep the current coronavirus crisis in perspective, and avoid the urge to get 'bunkered in,' says Fred Hassan, CEO of Caret Group and former chief executive of the global pharmaceutical giant Schering–Plough.

The Blind Leading The Sighted

When Chad Foster's world faded to black in his teens, he persevered. Now he teaches resilience and the value of leaning into discomfort.

Gaining The Mindful Advantage

The tenants of mindfulness can help manage stress, maintain focus, enhance cognitive performance and improve relationships.

What I Learned In My First Year As CEO

When John Murdock inherited the top spot, under tragic circumstances, the pressure was on to quickly climb the learning curve. He shares his top seven lessons.
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CEO Optimism Ticks Up In August, As More Businesses Predict A 2021 Recovery

A survey of nearly 500 U.S. CEOs shows an increasing number of companies planning for renewed growth in the months ahead—if the nation comes together to overcome the challenges of Covid.