Dear President-Elect Biden: An Open Letter From Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson

In an open letter, Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson advises the incoming leader on building unity, tackling the pandemic and building a fair economy.

A Look At The Top Biden Economic Influencers

The 10 individuals most referenced publicly include an eclectic mix of standard-bearers and reformers.

CEOs Voice Concerns In Election Aftermath

On emergency call, 30 Fortune 100 leaders discussed what role they might play in encouraging a peaceful transfer of power.  

Why Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Could Fail, And How CEOs Can Make Sure It Doesn’t

If we really to turn the corner on Covid, we've got to get people to take a vaccine. That's going to take leadership.

‘Okay And Relieved’ After Tumultuous Election Week

Former EY CEO Mark Weinberger, a veteran of public sector posts for both GOP and Democratic administrations, says the divided government will be a net positive.

Biden, Business And The Economy: What He May Do, What He Must Do

If Joe Biden wants to make good on his pledge to 'heal' a divided nation, he can start by not letting the economy slide back into recession.

America’s Plastics Makers Are On Board With Tackling Plastic Waste. Are You?

Creating a better future will require a shared commitment and ongoing support for innovation, investments and collaboration across public and private sectors.

Scary Picture: Flix Candy Is Caught In A Horrible Scenario

CEO Diamond is dealing with huge revenue losses, tariffs and supply-chain pressures as she tries to navigate the pandemic.

How To Partner With Schools To Close The Skills Gap

There’s no procedures manual for building public-private partnerships, but the learning that comes with success and failure illuminates the way forward. One CEO shares her experience.

4 Actions CEOs Can Take To Help Ensure Safe, Accessible, Credible Elections

These concrete steps will enable business leaders—from the CEOs of large firms to the owners of small enterprises—to protect their employees, customers and communities while assisting in a successful, credible election.
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CEO Optimism Drops In November Amid Election Results And Covid Spike

A new poll of more than 200 chief executives finds deep concern over the incoming Biden administration—and the dangerous direction of the pandemic.