What Doesn’t Get Measured Can’t Succeed

Companies struggle to define and apply the right metrics to their innovation efforts, often setting out to “do innovation” without explicitly defined goals. Three steps to fix that.

Opening Up For The Age Of Truth With Smart Tech Measures

While transparency and authenticity have long been buzzwords, it is now being demanded that they be the pillars upon which every decision is made. Can leaders rise to the occasion?

Best & Worst States for Business 2021: The New Digital Factory Towns

Chicago, Grand Rapids and Columbus are emerging as ideal locations for manufacturers looking to up their digital game.

Post-Covid: Which Trends Will We Abandon?

A roundup of the work trends ushered in by Covid and a forecast of which ones are likeliest—and least likely—to survive.

A Tale Of Two Cities: The Hypergrowth & Stagnant Decline In Tech

From the outside looking in, stalled tech companies and those experiencing skyrocketing levels of growth seem to be facing totally different challenges—but they share a common denominator.

Drive Capital Helps Build Technology Future In Columbus

VC cofounder Kvamme believes digitization of industry increasingly favors Midwestern outposts like Ohio capital.

To Protect Your Business In The Era Of Remote Working, Just Say ‘SASE’

Thanks to the boom in remote work, and increased focus on security measures that protect the increasingly nebulous and vulnerable edges of an organization’s network, this new acronym is suddenly on the tongues of C-suite leaders.

The Regret-Free Business Diet

Following a year of resets, CEOs must focus on taking strategic actions that are not based on the pandemic past or the unknown crisis of the future.

CEOs Need To Take Leadership On IoT In 2021 To Drive Bottom-Line Benefits

Given the pile-up of urgent tasks on the CEO's desk in recent months, it's no wonder IoT has taken a back seat. But there are three specific focus areas where CEOs should be taking the lead to ensure successful IoT investment. 

Three Lessons CEOs Can Learn From The Boom Of Virtual Experiences

Our world likely will remain in a hybrid model well beyond the end of this pandemic, which means we must be providing products and services that allow customers to choose between the real-world or virtual-world version of the same experience.
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New Poll: CEOs Find Challenges In Using Customer Data To Drive Innovation

Ability to harness and sort through data for meaningful insights remains a hurdle, many say. “The key is...finding what is actually relevant.”


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CEO Confidence Continues To Slide In September As Labor, Washington And Covid Worries Grow

Chief Executive’s latest poll finds U.S. CEOs increasingly concerned that labor shortages and Biden-era policies will stall chances to rebound from the pandemic.