In Search Of The Frictionless Organization

Many (or most) of the interactions customers have with companies today are filled with nerve-grating friction—which leads to share-price-sinking defection. Ending that is a win-win for shareholders and customers. Here's how to do it.

Talent Strategy: ‘It’s About Being Intentional’

To win ‘the war for talent,’ you don’t just need great people, say top CHROs—what you really need is a great people plan.

Delivering Enhanced Transparency In A Post-Covid World

For this CEO, transparency is about constant communication, empathy and remaining results-oriented.

3 Ways To Support Employees Navigating Grief

After two-plus years of a pandemic, there's no doubt that some your employees are suffering from the pain of loss. Here's how your company can help.

Auto Employment Beginning To See Downside Of EV Transition

Ford’s reported plan to eliminate thousands of ‘ICE’ jobs illustrates challenge to industry and economic-development officials.

How Remote Work Drives Digital Equity And Inclusion

Because of the pandemic, the country was forced to reckon with the lack of equity in internet access, and the outsized impact that has had on the country and the economy. That's good news.

Driving Digital Transformation Success In The Midmarket

Midsized businesses have special needs and fewer resources than large enterprises. Here’s what to keep in mind.
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‘Earning The Commute’: What New Research Says About Getting People Back In The Office

Steelcase surveyed 58,000 people in 11 different countries to see what it will take to lure them back into offices and found some surprising—and some not so surprising—answers. “The workplace should be the best place to get work done.”

Intrapreneurial Pursuits: 11 CEOs On Bootstrapping Innovation In A Bumpy Economy

Why risk hiring or acquiring when you can build better from within? CEOs share tips on sparking homegrown innovation that wins.

It Might Be Time For The Board To Reimagine The Workforce

Companies will have to confront employment challenges over the next year—which may fundamentally change what their workforce looks like today. Corporate boards may want to consider the following.

Who’s Flying Now?

Enabling more team members to travel by private jet or charter makes sense—except when it doesn’t.

Credibility Vs. Trust: Understanding The Difference Could Mean Millions

In more complex terms, it comes down to the transitive property of trust and the dynamics of knowledge asymmetry—but in simpler terms, credibility comes from the head and trust comes from the heart.


CEO Confidence Drops To Decade Low In July Amid Growing Fears Of Recession

Far more CEOs are forecasting a recession in the near term versus even a month ago, but some say slowing demand amid rising rates and prices is what’s needed to get the economy back on track.
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Building An American Brand To Build A Manufacturing Business

Shinola CEO Shannon Washburn shares tips for successful reshoring.

Now Is The Time For Brave Pricing Decisions

To alleviate pressure on your margins as inflation soars, try these three simple steps.

PwC’s Tim Ryan: ‘Trust Your Team And They’ll Do Amazing Things’

In this edition of our Corporate Competitor Podcast, US Chair & Senior Partner of one of the largest accounting firms in the world, PwC, discusses how he used a most unconventional change in his company’s dress code to introduce “trust-based leadership” to his team.

A Social License To Use AI?

Deploying AI at scale is vital. Think about how a “social license” could make it easier.

It’s Time For Leaders To Rethink The Way Their Companies Make Capital Expenditures

Instead of a reactive approach to capex needs, a company should be driven by a proactive, long-term strategy designed to take advantage of the unique opportunities within, and outside of, an existing portfolio of facilities.


Best and Worst States For Business

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CEO of the Year

Once a year, we celebrate the achievements of a CEO, honored for his or her success in and dedication to business, shareholders and customers.