In Defense Of Millennial Leadership

The stereotypes are wrong, according to this Gen Y entrepreneur, who believes 'millenipreneurs' are simply after something different—and they're changing business as we know it.

Exit Interview: WD-40’s Garry Ridge On Why ‘A High Will of the People’ Is...

After 25 years in the corner office, Ridge talks about what he's learned about leading and why being an empathetic CEO is anything but soft. "We have to be brave enough, not only to applaud and reward our people for doing great work but to redirect their behavior when the behavior is actually putting toxins into the Petri dish."

What Kind Of Scared Are You?

Most leaders fit into one of these three fear archetypes. The CEOs who can honestly self-assess are the ones who have a prayer of turning their fear into opportunity.

Four Ways CEOs Can Guide Companies Through Inflation Spikes And Hiring Freezes

Now is a prime opportunity for leaders to show their teams that they are trustworthy by taking time to prioritize, provide information and alleviate additional stress.

Uncovering Resiliency: Breaking Down Deal Dynamics In Changing Market Conditions

An inside look at three ways the dynamics of today’s M&A market are playing out.

Ann Meyers Drysdale: “We All Have Failure At Some Point”

In this edition of our Corporate Competitor Podcast, one of basketball’s pioneers and leading female executives in the business of sports, Ann Meyers Drysdale, explores what basketball taught her about mastering the fundamentals of business, starting with communication.

How To Prioritize 101 (With Help From Dwight D. Eisenhower)

How one CEO grew a startup to a company valued at $40 billion by focusing on what was most important—a task much easier said than done.
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Digital Equity And Inclusion Demands Accessible, Affordable Internet Access

The overnight shift to remote work brought on by Covid revealed a systemic problem in the country’s digital infrastructure.

The Toyota Way…With Water

Automaker’s sustainability leaders also spell out steps other manufacturers can take in imitating Toyota’s methods once again.

Side-by-Side, CEOs And CFOs Plot The Future

CFOs’ strategic role has evolved into a critical voice on business risks and operations, helping CEOs see where to best seize opportunities.

Fortress HR: Why Your CHRO Should Be Leading On Cybersecurity

Humans, not technology, are typically the weakest link for any organization, making CHROs the key players in protecting companies and employees from cyberattacks.

6 Things I Learned From A Former CIA Director About Success In A Volatile...

"Situational awareness is everything," says Gen. (Ret.) David Petraeus, who offers lessons for business from the front.


CEO Confidence Falls To Decade Low, But Few Predict Recession

Chief Executive’s June survey of 278 U.S. CEOs shows leading confidence indicator now at 5.5/10, the lowest reading in nearly a decade. Majority forecasts worsening conditions in the year ahead, though not a recession.
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Bridging The Generational Gap: Using Relational Intelligence To Unite Your Workforce

The five essential skills will help you attract, retain and engage talent spanning across the different generations—because we all want, more or less, the same things.

How Russia’s War Against Ukraine Has Amped Up Cybersecurity Threats

Russia "is surely looking for plausible deniable ways of affecting EU and U.S. critical industries," says Black Talon Security CEO Gary Salman.

Salesforce’s Marc Benioff Named Chief Executive’s 2022 CEO Of The Year

Ken Frazier calls Benioff 'a towering exemplar of what it means to be an innovative and forward-thinking leader.'

NBA All-Star Michael Redd: Don’t Confuse A Moment Of Failure With Being A Failure

In this edition of our Corporate Competitor Podcast, Michael Redd applies the lessons he learned from basketball to business as the founder of Twenty-Two Ventures, an angel investment company that has mentored and invested in 85 technology and media companies around the world.

The Real Reason Remote Work Fails

We need to raise our expectations of both managers' responsibility to connect with teammates and the expected results of contributors who choose to do remote work.


Best and Worst States For Business

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CEO of the Year

Once a year, we celebrate the achievements of a CEO, honored for his or her success in and dedication to business, shareholders and customers.