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Revenue Growth: The New Frontier

A February 2022 survey by Chief Executive & Alexander Group of 450 U.S. CEOs and business leaders shows the year ahead presents an opportunity for organizations to grow through investments in the revenue team.

Agility And The Changing Nature Of Compensation: Executive Incentive Pay Strategies

From supply chain disruption and inflation to the ever-escalating talent war, myriad forces are complicating the challenge of performance forecasting and goal-setting. CEOs discuss how their companies are rethinking incentive compensation.

The Purpose-Driven Corporation: Strategy in an Era of Stakeholder Capitalism

Stakeholders now look to CEOs and the organizations they lead to take a more active role in addressing social causes and issues. Roundtable participants share strategies for meeting that challenge.

Improving Operational Resiliency

The pandemic made the ability to conduct financial transactions from anywhere a health and safety imperative. But migrating operations online also heightened the risk of fraud and data theft. A look at how companies can mitigate risk while seizing opportunity.

The CEO-CHRO Partnership

A new survey highlights where CEOs and CHROs are on the same page—and where they’re not. A closer look at the findings suggests that while the differences between CEO and CHRO views are fewer than areas of agreement, there might be room for improvement around collaboration on talent strategy.

Rethinking Sales Compensation

Sales compensation practices changed overnight with the pandemic, but the systems used to support the objectives stayed the same, according to a 2021 survey of more than 200 private company CEOs. This paper provides new considerations for assessing the strength and alignment of sales compensation plans.

Unleashing Your Human Capital Potential

There’s nothing quite like a crisis for stress-testing carefully laid plans—and 2020 certainly tested financial institutions’ talent strategies. This paper provides an in-depth look at the human capital challenges facing banks today and the best ways to build and sustain a robust pipeline.

Deal-Making In The Digital Era

In a Chief Executive/Tata Consultancy Services survey, some 500 CEOs and business leaders share their plans for M&A, and the challenges and successes with deal-making in the current environment.

Succeeding In 2021 And Beyond

The world has changed, and organizations attempting to return to “business as usual” once the crisis has subsided will get left behind. Winning companies will instead take the lessons learned through the pandemic and other disruptions from 2020 and use them to rethink their entire business model. There are unprecedented growth opportunities on the other side of the pandemic, but is your company ready? Hear from more than 250 U.S. business leaders on their revenue growth strategy for the year ahead.

Compensation Strategies In The Era Of Covid-19

An in-depth look at how CEOs are managing 2020 payouts and setting go-forward pay strategies in the pandemic.
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New Poll: CEOs Find Challenges In Using Customer Data To Drive Innovation

Ability to harness and sort through data for meaningful insights remains a hurdle, many say. “The key is...finding what is actually relevant.”


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In Poll, Majority of CEOs Say Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay for 2022. Full Virtual? Not so Much

Almost all the CEOs we surveyed in May say they will work in at least partially hybrid mode for the rest of the year—versus just 7 percent who said they'd be fully remote.