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CEOs Reacting to Trump Win with a Dose of Caution

Serious strategizing into the evening

Although business leaders have embraced the election of Donald Trump, they're not getting too carried away with his pledges to slash taxes and toss regulation, according to a new survey.

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Why Bank and Utility CEOs Could Soon Have a lot More in Common

Just tap and pay

Utilities CEOs are valued for efficiently developing and maintaining portfolios of staid assets that typically provide investors with safe, yet unexciting regulated returns. Bank CEOs could soon be left touting the same skill set, a major consultancy group has suggested—and it's all due to the forces of digital disruption.

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Manufacturing, Finance CEOs Form Bulk of Trump Advisory Council

They're all ears

Getting a bunch of CEOs to quit their current jobs and go into politics would be a challenging task for any president-elect. And it appears that Donald Trump, who made no secret of his desire to tap corporate America, has at least managed to do the next best thing: he's set up a business advisory council.

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Companies Eyeing 10% Productivity Gain Thanks to Automation

Escaped of office

The mass commercialization of self-driving cars and virtual offices may still seem like futuristic concepts to many business leaders. But automation technology is advancing fast, offering CEOs across various industries scope to enjoy sizable near-term boosts in productivity, according to a new survey.

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Beware ‘Career Engineers’, Warns Former Goldman Sachs CEO


Henry Paulson never wanted to be the head of one of America's biggest investment banks. Indeed, the 70-year-old from Florida, who also served as Treasury Secretary during the financial crisis, initially wanted to be a park ranger.

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Lullaby Baby? How CEOs can Help their Staff get More Sleep

Tired woman in the office

We've all heard of the seemingly superhuman sleep habits of some CEOs, such as Yahoo's Marissa Mayer, who famously claimed to get by on just four hours a night. But all those genetic freaks fortunate enough to function almost entirely around the clock shouldn't impose their ability on the rank and file.

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CEOs in ‘Shouting Match’ Over Drug Prices


Concerns about spiraling drug prices haven't just divided politicians. CEOs, too, remain split on an issue that some are warning won't go away just because price-cap advocate Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

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