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Visa Hires Former Amex Prez Alfred Kelly as CEO

Visa's C-suite is going through major changes as its CEO prepares to step down and a new CEO—a board member and former president of American Express Co.—takes his place.

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Going too Early? Visa and Caterpillar CEO Departures Surprise the Market

John Stumpf’s unceremonious retirement from Wells Fargo showed that some CEOs can be guilty of hanging around a bit longer than they probably should. But two other high-profile CEO departures are begging the reverse question: when is it too early for a CEO to leave? Visa CEO Charlie Scharf just shocked the market by announcing he’ll depart the credit card ...

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Supportive CEOs Rally Behind Embattled Trump

A group of 100 CEOs, former CEOs and other business leaders have penned an open letter endorsing Donald Trump on the basis of an economic policy agenda that involves slashing taxes, redrawing cross-border trade deals and supporting the fossil fuel industry.

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The Pay Packets of Charity CEOs may be Lower than you Think

The CEOs of nonprofit organizations are paid an average of $123,462 per year, according to new research, going some way to dispelling the oft-touted notion that charitable organizations waste donations on overpaid managers.

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Smartphone Tech Only in its Infancy, Says Apple CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook has shrugged off widespread accusations that the company's lucrative smartphone business may have peaked, while revealing plans to set up a new "deep engineering" facility in Japan.

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Partnerships Key to Tackling Disruption, says Auto CEO

If you can't beat them, buy them. It's a notion many CEOs may want to take on board when considering how to tackle the problem of technological disruption. But is that the only way?

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