Mining Momentum

Meet Steve Harman, Shell Oil's go-to man when a division needs to fuel growth. Harman grew up in Durham, a small mining village in...

Permanence & Politics

It struck me when I was writing two articles at the same time, both on politics, largely late at night. One was for an...

Fixing the Biotech Marketplace

The marketplace for drugs from the biotechnology industry, known as biologics, is damaged and needs repair. While biotechnology has revolutionized medical care and improved...

Lessons from the Labor Markets

In general, most CEOs accept the basic proposition that free competition in both capital and labor markets is the surest road to social prosperity...

Keep Up The Heat On Sarbox

CHIEF EXECUTIVES of large public companies have dealt with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and moved on. But nearly 80 percent of all publicly...

The Rough Road Ahead For G.M. and Ford

THE American automotive industry is facing its darkest hours in decades, says Dietmar A. Ostermann, vice president and auto industry specialist at the consulting...

The Multinational As Cultural Chameleon

 AMERICAN multinational companies face many challenges these days, including possible adverse reaction to American policies in Iraq, says Ronald M. DeFeo, chief executive of...

Dethroning National Champions


The Business Council

Long before Richard Cheney and Paul O'Neill joined the Bush team as vice president and treasury secretary, they were members of America's unofficial cabinet:...
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Shifting Into Growth Gear

A survey of more than 250 CEOs shows business leaders are bracing for unprecedented growth in a post-Covid world—and a newly released report shows how they’re planning to achieve that.