Andy Conrad, CEO of Verily, Talks About “Measuring Your Company for Googliness”

Google, the Internet services business that catapulted from scrappy startup in 1998 to the $66 billion-plus industry giant it is today, gives the lion’s share of credit for its success to the outstanding talent in its ranks.

How to Build a Company With a Culture of Stewardship

A company’s culture is the collective shared values and practices of the employees within an organization. According to management consultant F. John Reh, companies that have an effective culture will outperform competitors by a large margin—at least 200% more. Answer these 4 questions and you will establish the right culture for your company.  

How Culture and “Obsession” Can Create an Industry Leader

We all know that culture is critical, but how can it be measured and how can it be crafted to serve your business? What are the practical steps you can take to harness culture?

3 Leadership Tips to Create an Inspiring and Innovative Company Culture

As leaders, we want our companies to be nimble and innovative. CEOs are increasingly taking the wheel when it comes to directing and inspiring innovation at their companies. However, by leading with the demand for fast and lucrative innovation, CEOs can unintentionally create tension and stress within their organization and create a hazardous “innovate or die” environment.

Partnerships, Strong Corporate Cultures Will Be Key to the Next Manufacturing Boom

As manufacturing firms expand domestically, they also are venturing overseas to look for growth opportunities. This is especially true as the dollar powers up, considering the WSJ Dollar Index has hit its highest mark since September 2003. In fact, half the U.S. manufacturers surveyed in this year’s Bank of America Merrill Lynch CFO Outlook are most likely to grow internationally by setting up an in-market subsidiary.

How to Unlock Positive Change Throughout Your Entire Organization

When Kevin Thompson, Director, North America Marketing - IBM Commerce, Mobile and Social, proposed a corporate Peace Corps at the firm, he was nearly laughed out of the room. The idea of Big Blue giving free consulting services to nonprofits in low-income communities in distant countries seemed so countercultural. Yet now, the Corporate Service Corps (CSC) is beloved within IBM and broadly emulated elsewhere.

How to Shape Your Company’s Culture to Support Your Organizational Goals

The No. 1 way culture gets shaped is by leaders modeling the behavior they want to engender in the organization. It's not a program that gets implemented; rather, it is built through everyday actions and messaging. Here are three tips that can help shape a winning culture.

Proactive Leaders Are Essential to a Sustainable, Successful Culture of Quality

CEOs can play a key role in the quality of their organization’s products and services, yet only 60% of respondents to a new ASQ survey say their leaders unequivocally support the quality vision and values—key components of a successful quality culture.

3 Tactics for Creating a Successful Turnaround Through Positive Cultural Change

Not many companies have had as much tumult lately as Sprint, which, in February, took a $1.9-billion quarterly write-off because of the reduced value of its trade name. The company’s stock price is down by more than 50%, from a high of $9.74 in June, 2014 to $4.28 on February 26, 2015, but the sale price has somewhat stabilized over the last 30 days.

The Connection Between Culture and Success

Creating a winning baseball team like the San Francisco Giants, 2014's World Series Champions, is more than simply securing good players. It is, after all, a business, and there is a profit that needs to be made after paying for operational expenses. So it's not surprising to hear Larry Baer, CEO of the San Francisco Giants franchise, talk in The Wall Street Journal about the business of running a baseball franchise.
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CEO Confidence Falls Again In May Amid COVID Crisis 

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