Thayer Leadership

As a premier executive leader development organization, Thayer offers unparalleled leadership experiences that blend world-class applied academic and experiential sessions to unleash the “whole leader”. We provide access to top battle- and boardroom-tested experts who have lived, served, and practiced the leadership principles they teach. By embracing the spirit of Sylvanus Thayer, our namesake and the “Father of West Point”, we deliver transformative leader development experiences that inspire action and change based on our values of purpose driven character, commitment to excellence, and innovative spirit.

Thayer’s unique approach to leadership development was founded on the Army’s leadership philosophy of “Be, Know, Do” which focuses on creating complete leaders through the development of character, knowledge, and application. As a leading, global expert in values-based leader development, our proprietary and motivating learning approach delivers a holistic experience for participants at West Point, online, virtually, or at any location around the world.

Thayer Leadership - Learn. Inspire. Transform.

Reenergize your dispersed team with a Thayer Leadership experience at the historic Thayer Hotel on the grounds of the United States Military Academy. What better place is there to learn, inspire, and transform leadership skills than at West Point where you are immersed in leadership culture?

Thayer Leadership Testimonials

Learn why Thayer is the premier leadership institute to lead you and your organization through this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.


Dan Rice

President, Thayer Leadership
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