Editorial Guidelines

Chief Executive encourages articles and commentary from CEOs, presidents, chairmen or vice chairmen on issues of direct interest to CEOs. All submissions should be succinct with points closely argued and supported by detailed examples or cases.

Material that is devoid of specific examples or empirical evidence or makes gratuitous, promotional or self-serving claims for the author’s company or organization cannot be considered. For other features word lengths will vary, but generally do not exceed 2,000 words.

All contributors should email a treatment of the proposed topic to [email protected] indicating background of the author and examples and evidence to be cited. Please state clearly why the subject in question is pertinent and how the proposed submission will be useful to a CEO. Contributors are encouraged to submit supporting graphics such as charts and tables that advance critical understanding of data, if applicable. Upon acceptance publication may vary from six to eight weeks.

Be mindful that our reader is not a general business person but a CEO and often a business owner, someone who sees issues from a specific strategic perspective. The writer must slant the piece to ensure he/she responds to the questions such busy people bring to their overloaded business reading regimen.

“What’s in it for me?”
“Why should I bother with this subject?”
“How will I, or my business, be affected?”
“Will I be at risk for not being aware of this trend or development?”
If the answers to any of these questions aren’t clear in the first or second scan, the reader will stop reading right there.

In addition, the piece should offer specific insight, observation, and facts that help elevate a CEO’s effectiveness. This is explicit in the “What’s in it for me?” question.

In delivering this, the writer should not rely on unsupported assertions or unsubstantiated claims. The guidelines demand the use of examples, cases and wherever possible, data or empirical evidence. Facts carry the day. CEOs are persuaded by evidence not by empty assertion or the mere say-so of some writer, even a so-called expert or academic authority.

Finally, be concise. Your feature should not exceed 800 words tops—shorter if possible. Authors may add sidebars not to exceed 600 words that may offer cases, specific details, data, or a graphic exhibit that supports the central idea of the mainbar.