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The Print Master

How much does your company spend printing documents out of computers? If you said not much, or you don’t know, you’re in for a nasty shock because you probably spend more than you imagine.Printing documents is one of the few areas where companies don’t attempt to control costs because they think printing is cheap, says Paul J. Curlander, president and CEO ...

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Leveling the Energy Field

Companies that help people save money, earn money,” is not a statement you expect to hear from a company in a highly regulated industry. But Oliver G. (Rick) Richard HI, president, CEO, and chairman of Columbia Energy Group, is not your typical leader.While Columbia Energy looks like a typical company with assets of $6 billion and 7 million natural gas ...

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Mr Fix -It

Where do you go to buy bear repel-lent for your workers on the Alaskan pipeline? A poultry fan for your chicken farm in Iowa? A compressor for your Florida manufacturing operation? W.W. Grainger, of course. This little known company, in business for 71 years, has 15,000 employees, 1.5 million active customers, 550 branches, and can source up to 5 million ...

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