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Making Succession Succeed

When determining who the next CEO of your company should be, it is well to listen to the sage advice of the great hockey player, Wayne Gretzky: “Pass the puck, not to where the player is, but to where he is going to be.”If a company has been enjoying a financially joyful period, there is a tendency of many boards-and ...

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What To Do With Old CEOs?

About 15 percent of all CEOs reach mandatory retirement age each year-some call it mandatory senilization.”These talented men and women have worked for more than 40 years, learning how a business operates; how to lead people; how to organize to get things done; how to control, finance, and market. They possess one of the rarest talents in corporate America: knowing ...

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On Advice and Advisers

One thing CEOs have plenty of is advice. It seems everyone wants to tell the CEO about how to manage the company better.Your managers tell you in reports and meetings, although they frequently disagree with one another as to the right course of action. In this world of empowerment, employees chip in gleefully; if you are an Email aficionado, your ...

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Who’s The Chairman?

I think I have the answer to the current quiz question being tossed out in corporate governance circles. “Who should be Chairman of the Board?”Should it be the CEO, as most American companies have it, and as most CEOs want it? Should it be an independent, outside director as the British do it, and if so, should the chairman be ...

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