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How to Accelerate Profitable Growth to Drive Shareholder Value Creation

A recent study of publicly traded mid-market companies revealed a group of 500 companies that outperformed their peers over the last three years on both top- and bottom-line growth. This select group of “Profitable Growers” delivered cumulative shareholder returns of 109% over the three-year period in the form of dividends and share appreciation, compared to just 38% for “Low Profit Growers” and only 53% for “Cost Cutters.”

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Mid-Market Firms Are Most at Risk of Cyber Attacks

When it comes to being a victim of cyber attacks, mid-market companies are finding that no business is too small for a hacker’s purview. With financial losses from security incidents rising 18% from 2013 to 2014, executives are working on doing whatever it takes to develop adequate safeguards. And many feel the federal government’s involvement may also help, particularly, among small to mid-sized businesses.

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To Innovate, Mid-Marketers Should Partner With Startups

Dozens of Fortune 500 companies today—ranging from Ford to Google to Nike to Tesco—have been breaking down stereotypical walls and avidly seeking ties with startups and entrepreneurs. In doing so, they are unlocking secrets from their smaller, nimbler counterparts that they can use to grow their businesses.

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Middle-Market PE Deals Expected to Outperform the S&P 500

Middle-market private equity players expect PE investments to outperform U.S. stocks this year, following up on a strong performance last year, according to a new survey from ACG New York, as reported by Law360. About 73% of 129 middle-market dealmakers surveyed by ACG over the past two months said they expect middle-market PE investments to outperform the benchmark S&P 500 stock index this year.

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Mid-Market Firms Should Set Realistic Supply Chain Goals

It's great to aspire to be like the big guys, but when it comes to managing the supply chain, mid-market firms just don't have the resources and the connections that their larger counterparts do. As a result it's not enough to say you want to be like Toyota or Dell. Mid-marketers, says Steve Vecchiarelli, vice president of supply chain for Digi-Key Electronics, need to set more realistic goals.

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