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When CEOs meet to evaluate their peers, on what do they base their judgment? In naming Microsoft’s Bill Gates the [...]

Chief Executive July 1 1994

Trashing Our Society

Last Sunday night, I was relaxing in my comfortable lounge chair studying Consumer Reports’ ratings of interior latex paints when [...]

Joe Queenan May 1 1994

How to Build a Great Board

Assertion: Most CEOs can build a good board of directors within their tenure in office.Question: So, why don’t more CEOs [...]

Robert W. Lear May 1 1994


Norman E. Alexander, 79, was named chairman of Chock Full O’Nuts Corp. in New York. The chairman and CEO of [...]

Chief Executive May 1 1994

I Don’t Compute, I Think

The replies are coming in to my “Millennium Masterclass” questionnaire (CE: January/February 1994). I borrowed the answer I most admire [...]

Robert Brittlestone May 1 1994

Go-Go Global

With the bull run in U.S. stocks likely at an end, many investors can gain from opportunities offshore-after hedging against potential currency losses.

A. Gary Shilling May 1 1994

The Shaman Syndrome

THE LEADER WITHIN: An Empowering Path of Self-Discovery By Howard G. Haas with Bob Tamarkin, HarperBusiness, 247 pp., $13.ON POWERBy [...]

Joseph Mccarthy May 1 1994

TopplingThe Cultural TowerOf Babel

Strategic design that fails to account for cultural differences may snarl execution and drain the bottom line.

Manfred F.R Kets May 1 1994

Sky Rider

Piloting World War replica planes isn’t for the faint of heart, out it certainly adds spice to this CEO’s life.

Frank Ryder May 1 1994

The CEO As Salesman

A face-to-face meeting works better than a fax. A personal visit means more than a phone call-especially when it is the CEO who appears in an international customer’s conference room. Executive involvement in the sales process opens doors to new markets and cements customer relationships.

C.C Baldwin May 1 1994

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