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The Small-Cap CEO

I admire those CEOs who successfully manage large corporations. It is a difficult task, one only a few executives pull [...]

Robert W. Lear June 1 1995


NEITHER TERRORIST NOR RUBBER STAMP To The Editor:In “CEOs At Risk” (CE: March 1995), Robert Lear suggests that CEOs can [...]

Chief Executive June 1 1995

Route to the Top

Our next issue will feature CE’s 1995 Chief Executive of the Year. This is the 10th anniversary of this award, [...]

JP Donlon June 1 1995

A Road Map For Tax Reform

Tax reforms happen, inevitably and not by accident. Once the tax provisions in the “Contract with America” have been addressed, [...]

J.D Foster May 1 1995


James B. Adamson, 46, was named chief executive of Spartanburg, SC-based Flagstar Cos., the parent of Denny’s and other restaurant [...]

Chief Executive May 1 1995

Signposts Along The International Highway

Why do American and Japanese companies run into trouble when operating in each other’s backyard? A five-step approach may patch the potholes in doing business abroad.

James E. Schrager May 1 1995

The Politics Of Race

RACE AND CULTURE: A World View By Thomas Sowell. Basic Books, 331 pp., $25.Affirmative action may well be the hot [...]

Ronald Bailey May 1 1995

Soul Brothers And The Future

Founders of companies rarely do it alone. Most go into business with one or more colleagues or friends. Some high [...]

Bob Donnelly May 1 1995

Hot Lead Meets High Tech

Starting with handwritten tip sheets on the New York Stock Exchange in 1882, Dow Jones & Co. has grown, arguably, into the world’s most influential media empire. Can a veteran newspaperman, Peter Kann, keep the company on the cutting edge of the electronic publishing revolution?

Joseph L. Macarthy May 1 1995

Charting The CE 100 Index

Donald W. Mitchell May 1 1995

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