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Will The Alliance Bear Fruit?

When Ronald Reagan opined that we may witness the Apocalypse in our lifetimes, he might not have been entirely off [...]

Chief Executive January 1 1992

So Serious : So Silly

When you consider the deadpan seriousness with which most Washington politicos approach their jobs-Yes, they really do think they are [...]

Edwin J. Feulner January 1 1992


Your will is done. Chief Executive readers have nominated and a distinguished committed of peers– all of them current or [...]

Chief Executive CEO of the Year July 1 1991


IN SEARCH OF THE X FACTORTo the Editor:I enjoyed reading about the work force commission (“Can The Work Force Be [...]

Chief Executive December 1 1990

Not So Silent Partner

Corporations watch out! The biggest pension fund of all is on the track of better performance. Like other activist institutional investors, in the 1990s it’s going after the kind of corporate governance it wants.

Richard Rescigno December 1 1990

The Interim Executive

Need to fill a management position immediately, but the traditional hiring approach is undesirable? An interim executive may be the answer.

Ronald J. Diorio December 1 1990

Out Sourcerer

Japanese manufacturers insist that, when it comes to outsourcing here, the quality of U.S. components is a problem. What kind of magic is necessary to achieve a better than 50 percent local procurement ratio?

Chief Executive December 1 1990

The Case For Strategic Defense

Imagine a country in the Middle East. A ruthless dictator, say Saddam Hussein of Iraq, gains control of a nuclear [...]

Chief Executive December 1 1990

Going With The Institutions

Does it pay to sail in the wake of institutional investors Or will too many hands on the wheel steer the wrong investment course

Richard Rescigno December 1 1990

Wellness Comes Of Age

Controlling health care costs once they’ve occurred is not the answer. One CEO’s personal experience suggests that smart companies will do all they can to prevent the bill first.

William K. Coors December 1 1990

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