3 Lessons for Mid-Market CEOs Who Think They’re Immune from Hacking

Big-company victims such as Target and Morgan Stanley grab all the headlines when they’re hacked and millions of customers find their privacy breached. But the cybersecurity of mid-market companies actually is violated more frequently.

Focusing Cybersecurity on What is Critical to Your Business

Nick Coleman, IBM's global head of cybersecurity, discusses the keys to a strong cybersecurity program and what companies can do to keep pace with the evolving nature of security threats, in a Wall Street Journal blog post.

Mid-Market Firms Have Higher Risks Related to Cyber Attacks Than Larger Companies

In two recent studies, one from The Hartford and another from Travelers, the majority of respondents consider cyber intrusion a major risk. Of mid-market firms in the Hartford study, 43% have already experienced a cyber attack. Yet, of those surveyed by Travelers, just 44% said they have the financial resources to recover from one.

3 Suggestions to Consider When Building Your Cyber Strategy

As cybersecurity has arguably become the boardroom issue, directors are pressing CEOs to ensure cyber risks are addressed with urgency. As major breaches continue, it’s not just CIOs’ careers at risk, but CEOs’ too. What should CEOs be doing to ensure their name doesn’t headline as the victim of the next big breach? Here are three suggestions.

Data Security: A Board Responsibility?

In 2014 alone, there were nearly 800 identified data breaches involving over 85 million records, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center Data Breach Reports. Regulatory officials have rushed to propose cyber security guidelines and adopt cyber security requirements. In addition, multiple lawsuits have been filed alleging that board misconduct significantly contributed to the financial fallout from compromised company data.

Cyberinsurance: Everything You Need to Know About Why and How to Buy It

Recent news about hackers breaking into large companies’ systems and wreaking havoc has caused senior executives at companies of all sizes to consider adding cyberinsurance to their portfolio of protections.

A CEO Blueprint: What to Do if Your Company Is Cyberattacked

Since the Target breach more than a year ago, we at Chief Executive have gone to great lengths to make it clear to CEOs that cybersecurity is now their responsibility. We’ve emphasized that they need to be fully up to speed on their company’s protective capabilities and emergency response plan, to ensure the systems are strong enough to keep hackers out and to ensure that they themselves can adequately answer all questions on the topic from board members, shareholders and the media, both during quiet times as well as after an attack. This article is a thorough blueprint that can help fulfill both those goals by fast-tracking CEOs’ cybersecurity learning process.

5 Insights Into How Board Members Are Proactively Handling Today’s New Challenges

Cybercrime, social media and shareholder activisim are just some of the new pressures board members are concerned about, according to the 12th Annual Director Survey by Spencer Stuart.

Legal Threats Facing Boards in the Prevention and Management of Cybersecurity Risks

There is no question that the topic of cybersecurity is top of mind for directors and officers of all types of companies. In the wake of cyber breaches, the role of the board of directors in cybersecurity risk management has come into focus in response to increasing regulatory scrutiny and the rising threat of private shareholder litigation.

6 Ways to Prevent Big Data From Damaging Your Business

Big Data offers a multitude of opportunities to connect with customers in amazing new ways. Vast quantities of customer information are now flowing into businesses from social media, smartphones, bots, GPS devices, cameras, appliances, and satellites, and increasingly sophisticated computer algorithms are attempting to turn it all into actionable intelligence. Amid all the excitement, it should not be forgotten that few business people—even C-level executives—truly understand what a revolutionary force Big Data is, or the disruptive threat it represents for businesses of all kinds.
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