SPONSORED CONTENT: Why Invest in Israel?

Israel photoQ. What are the main fields in which Israeli companies are innovators?
A. The list is long and diverse, including, for example: medical technology, new media and Internet, cybersecurity, water technology, agricultural technology, financial technology, automotive, printing and even textiles.

Q. How can Invest in Israel help multinational corporations to invest and do business in Israel?
A. We’re a one-stop shop for helping MNCs navigate the maze of government bodies and regulations; obtain government subsidies and draw on specialized expertise in transportation, property development, capital, labor and factory location; identify investment opportunities; manage projects; and receive extensive support even after they have established themselves in Israel.

Q. Why is Israel such an attractive location for advanced manufacturing?
A. Approximately 300 MNCs from 20 countries have R&D facilities in Israel. Since product development cycles are most efficient when R&D and manufacturing are highly coordinated, having manufacturing facilities in such close proximity to so much R&D is a big competitive advantage. And Israel is ideally located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, providing a natural hub for sales and operations in multiple regions.

Q. How can Invest in Israel help MNCs start manufacturing plants in Israel?
A. Israel offers MNCs one of the world’s top labor forces as well as competitive labor costs, industry-friendly government policies, easy access to infrastructure and energy sources, and a variety of grants, tax benefits and other subsidies. We can help MNCs get access to all of these and guide them through the plant-creation process from start to finish.

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