40 Best Companies for Leaders 2013

Here is the full list of the 40 Best Companies for Leaders. This group was chosen by Chief Executive and Chally Group Worldwide out of a group of more than 1,000 companies.

January 12 2013 by JP Donlon

2013 Best Companies for Leaders

List of 40 Best Companies for Leaders
Researching The Rankings

Warren Bennis once observed that whether or not leadership is well understood, its impact on performance is dramatic and unmistakable. An Accenture study several years ago noted that the share price of companies perceived as being well led grew 900 percent over a 10 year period, compared to just 74 percent growth in companies perceived to lack good leadership. Bennis points to Fortune’s roundup of most admired companies, quoting Fortune’s Thomas Stewart: “The truth is that no one factor makes a company admirable; but if you were forced to pick the one that makes the most difference, you’d pick leadership.”

Since 2005, Chief Executive has sought to identify the top global companies that seek to develop talent—beyond the CEO’s direct reports—with the view that every CEO, regardless of the size of the company he or she leads, can learn to be a better nurturer of talent and builder of teams. Few firms have the budget for a Crotonville, GE’s storied management retreat or Clay Street, P&G’s converted brewery in Cincinnati that former CEO A.G. Lafley once described as a combination think tank and playground. But the methods and principles of the companies ranked here can be scaled and applied to any firm wishing to hone a differentiator that will boost performance. Note also that we list the top ten private companies, most of which are much smaller than the global ones in the top publicly traded list.

Returning to first place is P&G, a company now celebrating its 175th year. Bob McDonald, its CEO attributes its longevity to close attention to leadership development at all levels of the company—not just the top ranks. “To tap the full potential of our employees, we have developed a rigorous and disciplined approach to leadership development at every level of the company,” says the former West Point graduate who favors a rigorous development process. “We systemically build multiple generations of leaders by developing them throughout their careers with varying experiences across businesses and geographies. This has created a very strong pipeline of globally capable and mobile leaders.” GE moved into second place from third last year with IBM following right behind. Dow Chemical jumped from 11th in 2012 to 4th and is followed by Verizon, up from 13th place last year.