11:00-11:05 am ET


11:05-11:45 am ET

Lessons Learned from a 170-Year-Old Startup

Navigating today’s increasingly digitally-driven business environment is no small feat, particularly for an over 170-year-old company like Siemens. The industrial and technology giant’s US CEO Barbara Humpton will discuss how the company has prepared for the future by transforming itself to best address the markets it serves across transportation, industry and infrastructure. In this exclusive session, Humpton will highlight the acquisitions and strategies deployed across the company’s largest market that are shaping Siemens’ identity for the next 170 years and beyond, and how other organizations can embrace transformation.

Featured Speaker:

  • Barbara Humpton, President and CEO, Siemens USA

11:45-11:50 am ET


11:50 am-12:15 pm ET

Where This Wild M&A Market Is Headed Next

After Covid slammed the breaks on 2020 M&A activity, 2021/22 is shaping up to be a blockbuster time for dealmaking. Vast caches of PE dry powder, historically low interest rates and the SPAC revolution are already fueling the fever — but will it last? And how can you best take advantage? Dena Jalbert, Founder and CEO, Align Business Advisory Services, and an expert on middle-market dealmaking, will walk you through the outlook for the year ahead to help you make the most of this time. With a specific focus on the market for manufacturing companies, she’ll have strategies, tips and insights to help you navigate — and prosper — in this time of exceptional risk and opportunity.

Featured Speaker:

  • Dena Jalbert, Founder and CEO, Align Business Advisory Services 

12:15-12:20 pm ET


12:20-12:50 pm ET

Getting Ready For the Exit (It’s Never Too Early)

Patrick Ungashick, CEO of Navix and author of The Exit Playbook, shares the strategies he employs to help owners manage and optimize their exits to achieve their specific goals. Prepare for a candid, pragmatic tutorial on the exit planning topics most often overlooked. Even if you don’t plan to exit any time soon, there are important strategic decisions you need to make for your business value growth.

Featured Speaker:

  • Patrick Ungashick, CEO, Navix; Author, The Exit Playbook

12:50-1:00 pm ET


1:00- 2:00 pm ET

Concurrent Breakouts with Fellow Attendees (select one)

The traditional financial services sector teaches us that M&A is a financial, numbers-driven business, yet exceptional sell-side deals are typically made for strategic reasons. If you’re a business owner looking to exit, selling to a strategic buyer may be the optimal way to achieve maximum value for your company. In this roundtable, we’ll help you walk through your potential exit plan: determining the right time to sell, discovering synergies to increase value, and connecting with strategic buyers who see beyond the transaction.

Featured Speakers:

  • Rob Follows, Founder and Chairman, STS Capital
  • Andy Harris, Managing Director, STS Capital

Cash is king, and there is certainly plenty of it available these days. Private Equity, SPACs, debt (which comes in many flavors itself), venture capital…the list goes on! But which type is right for you? In this session, we will explore some of the more common liquidity sources to help attendees determine what might be the best option to help their organization grow.

Featured Speaker:

  • Dena Jalbert, Founder and CEO, Align Business Advisory Services

While a company’s M&A valuation is generally derived through an academic mathematical exercise, that valuation is only the starting point in finding a market clearing price for a company in a sale. In addition, looking beyond the numbers and at the non-financial characteristics is often critical in achieving higher sale valuations. What the buyer actually pays for a company is frequently quite different from the mathematical market valuation. Join us as we discuss the key considerations and techniques used to maximize the selling price of a company in a competitive M&A sales process.

Featured Speaker:

  • Terry Bressler, Managing Director, Prairie Capital Advisors

2:00-2:05 pm ET


2:05-2:35 pm ET

Negotiation: New Era, New Rules

Everyone wants to get to a “Yes” — but how you do it is everything. More value is created or given up in this part of the process than perhaps any other, and this freight-train environment makes it even more essential to get things right. In this interactive masterclass, George Casey, Global Managing Partner, Shearman & Sterling, to whom major companies turn to negotiate their deals in all corners of the world, will make you a smarter strategist, reviewing the essential levers of transaction success, where deals really fall apart and how you can ensure that you’re in the driver’s seat throughout the process — and not being taken for a ride.

Featured Speaker:

  • George Casey, Global Managing Partner and Global head of M&A, Shearman & Sterling LLP; Adjunct Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School and regular lecturer at L’Université de Paris I Sorbonne

2:35-2:40 pm ET


2:40-3:15 pm ET

Mastering The Exit: Lessons from an Industry Veteran

To wrap the day, we’ll go deep on the most stressful part of any transaction — the dismount. Howard Lind, CEO of Cicoil, shares the lessons he learned — and what he wishes someone had told him — from his own journey selling his company to TPC (a rollup of wire manufacturers backed by Audax Private Equity) and staying on to help integrate and acquire additional companies. Prepare for a candid, pragmatic tutorial from a deal veteran who can help you avoid pitfalls — and stick your landing.

Featured Speaker:

  • Howard Lind, President and CEO, Cicoil, a division of TPC

3:15 pm ET

Event Concludes