10 Best States for Business 2012: Slideshow

Here’s a look at the best states in which to do business in 2012 and what CEOs had to say about them.

May 2 2012 by ChiefExecutive.net

No 7: South Carolina

No. 7

South Carolina is the 7th Best State for Business 2012

Taxation and Regulations
Workforce Quality
Living Environment

Based on CEO Survey by ChiefExecutive.net

Development Trend Indicator—Neutral
Is now tackling reform of taxes, worker’s comp and unemployment insurance.
CEO Comments
“New York is moving in the right direction. I would expect them to move up in coming years. Texas, North and South Carolina are in a class by themselves.”

“The tax and regulation climate in Illinois has become stifling. Add to that the additional taxes of being in the city of Chicago, and it makes it difficult to stay here. California is a basket case, and we do all we can to avoid being there. The tort bar in South Carolina is very difficult, and nuisance lawsuits are out of control in that state.”

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