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Unusual Attitude On Access

A pilot for 23 years, Dave Garrison knows what “unusual attitude” means. And he wasn’t the least bit fazed when [...]

Michael T Harris November 1 1996

The Macro Picture

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the saying goes. In many ways, that maxim holds true for John [...]

Michael T Harris November 1 1996

Saved by the Net

Two years ago, Southern California software maker Quarterdeck Corp. was falling fast, a one-product company being squeezed by Microsoft. But [...]

Michael T Harris July 1 1996

Linnet Deily

When Linnet Deily took over as president and chief operating officer at First Interstate Bank of Texas three years ago, [...]

Michael T Harris March 1 1992

Jillelikann Barad

Barbie is the material girl par excellence, the original mall rat. Introduced by Mattel at the Toy Fair in 1959 [...]

Michael T Harris January 17 1992

Don Cash

Stuck in the mud with a mature company and a slow-growth scenario? An acquisition might be one route back to [...]

Michael T Harris March 1 1992

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