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The Road To San Diego

With republican candidates brawling over the soul of the party, it’s not surprising that chief executives are concerned about a lack of focus on business issues and are longing for a draftee to serve as the standard bearer.

Joseph L. Mccarthy April 1 1996

Better Living Through Chemistry

When Arkansas-born Bill Toiler married his wife, Jo Ella, in 1959, he made her one promise besides “for better or [...]

Joseph L. Mccarthy April 1 1996

Engineering An Image

Last year, Delco Electronics President and CEO Gary Dickinson climbed behind the wheel of his vintage 1938 Good Humor truck-one [...]

Bill Hampton April 1 1996


Charles F. Albrecht, 56, was named president and chief operating officer of New York-based Drake Beam Morin Inc., an outplacement [...]

Chief Executive March 1 1996

International Intrigue

SPY MASTER By Leslie Colitt. Addison-Wesley Publishing, 302 pp., 823.Markus Wolf is a legendary figure in the niche theater of [...]

Theodore G. Shakley March 1 1996

The Skinny On Lean And Mean

Some time long ago, at lunch in Boston, Peter F. Drucker, the grand old man of business thinking, outlined his [...]

Joel Kurtzman March 1 1996

Banking On Regionals

The recent rout in technology stocks set timorous investors reeling. Even the sage and savvy scurried for the tried-and-true: Blue [...]

Merry Shells March 1 1996

FAS 123: Boon Or Boondoggle?

You can’t sidestep the latest FASB accounting rule on stock-based compensation. So turn on your computer and start figuring on disclosing more of your company’s financial information.

Nicholas G. Moore March 1 1996

Is America Ready For A New Japan?

Will 1996 be yet another showdown at the o.k. corral between the U.S. and Japan? Or will the economic and social turmoil in Japan help smooth trade relations between the world’s two largest economic superpowers?

Jonathan Burton March 1 1996

The Oracle of Omaha

The Oracle Of OmahaBUFFETT: THE MAKING OF AN AMERICAN CAPITALIST By Roger Lowenstein. Random. House, 473 pp., $27.50. Who is the [...]

Robert W. Lear March 1 1996

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