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Telecoms, Latin-Style

A decade ago, stability would have been just about the last word one would have used to describe Latin America. [...]

David Elias May 1 1996

Teams at Risk

A series of new decisions by the NLRB is threatening the legality of nonunion teams.Does that mean the end of cooperation among employers and employees? Maybe-unless the law is updated.

George M.C Fisher May 1 1996

The CE 100 Index

Our fifth annual ranking of stock-price stars features a host of new players, some long-term residents, and a few critical insights into corporate management trends.

Donald W. Mitchell May 1 1996


Hackers seem to be outflanking corporations in the latest round of cyberspace swindling-just ask Citibank, MCI, and America Online. With the security-lax Internet expanding and PCs packing more punch, catastrophe is lurking around the corner.

Joseph L. Mccarthy May 1 1996

Are CEOs Paid Too Much?

The problem isn’t that CEOs are paid too much, teat outstanding employees are pad too little. Most top performers earn hardly more than tie average, although they work much harder and create tremendous value. Tie solution? Implement a broad-based compensation system that defines and rewards outstanding performance.

Jack L. Lederer May 1 1996

Chips Ahoy

A studious-looking man and a former professor at the University of Wisconsin, Dick Post occasionally exhibits a streak of showmanship. [...]

Joseph L. Mccarthy May 1 1996

Its ‘Play Ball ‘ at Rich Products

When touring the food-processing operations of Rich Products, a privately held, $1 billion firm based in Buffalo, NY, Bob Rich [...]

Joseph L. Mccarthy May 1 1996

Tech Team

Horror stories abound, but some CEOs and CIOs are working well together.

Peter Haapaniemi And Sheila Tomkowiak And Dave Bue April 1 1996

The Player

Near bankruptcy, gaming giant Bally Entertainment took a chance in 1990 and tapped as CEO Arthur Goldberg, a greenmail specialist with a history of making a quick buck and moving on. Goldberg’s still there, strapped to a turnaround rocket and positioned in the middle of the surging entertainment economy.

Joseph L. Mccarthy April 1 1996

Are You Ready For Convergence?

As computing, telephony, and entertainment converge, technology is outrunning marketplace economics. This soon will change. CE gathered chief executives from within as well as on the sidelines of the convergence revolution to identify market opportunities-and discover how to seize them.

JP Donlon April 1 1996

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