Maryland is the 41st Best State for Business 2014

Previous State: Rhode Island Next State: Pennsylvania

No. 41 Maryland

Taxations & Regulations

Workforce Quality

Living Environment

Key Metrics
State GDP 

  • % Growth ’12-’13: 0.0
  • % Growth ’11-’12 v. Nat’l Avg. (2.5%): -0.1


  • Unemployment Rate Dec. 2013 %: 6.1
  • Comparison with Nat’l Rate (6.70%): -0.6

Domestic Migration

  • Domestic Net Migration 2013: -8,525
  • Rank: 40

State Government

  • State Debt per Capita Fiscal Year ’13 ($): 4,543
  • State & Local Gov’t Employees per 10k Residents: 535.2

State-Local Tax Burden

  • Rate (%): 10.2%
  • Compared to Nat’l Avg. (9.9%): 0.33%
Key Companies
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Constellation Energy
  • Marriott
Development Trend Indicator: Negative
Push for minimum-wage boost and paid family leave unsettles businesses.
CEO Comments
“I worked in Harrisburg PA. for most of 2013. There was a lot of opportunity, but the competition was challenging. I have worked in MD for the last four months and have had a lot of success. NY does not appreciate small business. NY punishes well-run businesses and rewards only very large, well-connected businesses. Businesses are punished for growing and hiring workers.” 

“Maryland is bad for business because it over-regulates and over-taxes. They think if you make money you then need to give it all back to those who should be better educated so that they can earn a better living.”

Based on CEO Survey by

Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Tax Foundation