Chief Executive magazine has held a special place among CEOs since it was first published in 1977. Unlike other outlets that cover the business world as observers looking in, Chief Executive magazine was created by and for CEOs to be the center of their own community. From the outset, the magazine has served to, in the words of the inaugural issue, “provide a forum for the world’s most important and influential leaders to speak quickly to themselves and to give new ideas and inspiration toward a better world.”

AT&T’s then-CEO John D. DeButts provided the call to action in his column, Speaking Out, by demanding that CEOs accomplish three things:
(1) take care of business with the highest standards,
(2) conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and fairness, and
(3) speak out for what we believe.

To this day, Chief Executive magazine continues to set the agenda and inspiration for the world’s top decision makers.

The inaugural, July 1977 issue of Chief Executive featured interviews with President Jimmy Carter, Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo, Egyptian President Anwar el Sadat, the Shah of Iran, TV anchor Walter Cronkite and magazine co-founder Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

Chief Executive does not compete for space on consumer newsstands, nor does it rely on third-party “research” to provide estimates of its readers. That’s because we know exactly who our readers are: the CEOs of the largest 42,000 U.S. companies. No other magazine, newspaper, website or community can provide the same reach nor effectiveness in reaching these leaders.

If you seek “clicks” or “views” from an unknown audience, we would be pleased to help direct you to other, appropriate outlets.  But if you have something valuable to say to the most important people, there is no better place to say it than in the pages of Chief Executive magazine.


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