What’s In A Name? For This Legacy Company—A Lot

A look at how 35-year-old JDA Software rebranded Itself and was acquired one year later in part because of the new brand “pop.”

In The Talent War, Fun Is The New Competitive Weapon

It's going to be harder than ever to retain talent post-pandemic. Making the office a fun place to be could make all the difference to your turnover rates.

It’s Commencement Season. What Will You Begin?

CEOs have a unique opportunity to identify and embrace the unexpected opportunities that have emerged. Will they?

Your ‘Covid Cohort’ Of Employees Is Less Connected Than You Thought

Leaders should double down on manager-employee relationships now to avoid a mass exodus.

Top 5 Unexpected Culture-Killers For Hybrid Work

Left unchecked, they can do serious damage to employee engagement and retention, but with some thoughtful planning and a couple of new technology tools, you can proactively head that off.

Beyond Covid: The 10 Keys To Becoming Future-Ready

If we assume, as we should, that history will inevitably repeat itself in some shape or form, how can we ensure we'll be ready for the next crisis?

LinkedIn’s Hurley: Three Principles Your Sales Leaders Need To Follow

Most organizational transformation efforts fail. Those who are successful prioritize a few critical priorities, get buy-in from their teams and, through consistency and focus, deliver results. 

Despite Workforce Challenges, CHROs Very Optimistic About Year Ahead, New Poll Finds 

Despite concerns over talent shortages, employee morale and growing burnout rates, America’s HR chiefs remain confident about prospects for business and the economy—more so than CEOs and CFOs.  

How To Create A Bidding War For Your Company

A whole lot of psychology comes into play when negotiating a sale—and if the deal isn't a win for both sides, it will likely fall apart. Here's how to get the exit you want.

Thinking About Changing The Workday? Read This First.

CEO Steven Aarstol thought he had found the perfect way to attract and retain the best talent. It didn't work as planned—but the company is still benefiting from the many lessons learned.
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July Poll Finds CEO Confidence Rebounding To Multi-Year High 

Chief Executive’s latest poll of U.S. CEOs finds surging optimism, as buoyant consumer demand and return-to-office policies swamp inflation worries.